How It Works

1. You are paid $20 to test, try or inspect a product and provide your opinion of the product.

2. Complete the questionnaire below to see if you qualify and submit your details.

3. Agree to terms and conditions.

4. We place $20 plus the product cost with a third-party escrow company( to protect us and also you to guarantee both parties complete the agreement. Due to the third-party escrow company handling the funds, both parties know for certainty they will be paid as long as they adhere to the agreement.

5. You will receive email conformation the funds have been placed with Paygig. (please check your junk folder for the email if you do not see it)

6. We email you the product details (where and how to purchase).

7. You will purchase the item.

8. Post comments/opinions online. The easiest way to post is on the marketplace purchased.

9. Upload screenshot of your posted comment or opinion.

10. Funds released from Paygig within 1-3 days via Venmo or Cashapp.

11. If you loved the product and process, we work on more together. :)

Please answer the questions below to see if you are a good fit to be part of our influencer family.

If You Feel You Are A Good Fit Please Fill Out The Form Below

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be an influencer even if I have never done it before?


Truly, becoming an online blogger affiliated with Influencer
Deals means becoming part of an exclusive community of achievers.

Even if you haven't ventured into being an influencer
previously, we'll guide you through the process – demonstrating that success as
an influencer is within anyone's reach. It's as straightforward as sharing your
personal experiences on social media with your circle of friends.

All we request is your agreement to our process so there is
a win-win. Any savvy Influencer wouldn't pass up on this opportunity. Our
WIN-WIN model is the outcome of YEARS of thorough research, drawing insights
from a vast community of marketplace merchants and influencers spanning almost
every conceivable niche.

How can I get started?

Please fill out the questionnaire and agree to the
terms.  We will send you the details to
complete the process.

Do I have to leave a certain number of stars or a certain number rating?

While we love to continue to work with positive, helpful
people; we do not require a certain rating or text.

How long does it take to get funds?

Funds can take up to 3 days to be released after we receive
your screenshots due to weekends and employee schedules. 

Why do I have to pay upfront and get reimbursedlater plus my fee?

Funds (product cost plus payment) are placed in a
third-party escrow to protect us and also you to guarantee both parties
complete the agreement.  Due to the
third-party escrow handling the funds, both parties know for certainty they
will be paid as long as they adhere to the agreement. 

What if there is something wrong with theproduct or price?

Please message us and we will help resolve the issue.

What if I don’t get paid the correct amount?

Please contact us and let us know where the mistake was made
and how much we owe you.  Taxes are
different in every county in the USA so we do our best to estimate accurately
but sometimes our estimation is slightly incorrect.  In addition, product pricing may fluctuate a
little by the time we post funds to escrow and when you purchase the item.  We understand and will make sure you are paid
the correct amount.  If the amount is
incorrect, the average amount off is approximately $1 but we will make sure we send
it to you. 

I am too busy to continue participating?

Please email us that you are too busy and you get let us
know when you have more time in the future.